skateboard bearing
skateboard bearing dimension

We can customize skateboard bearing/inline skating/long board bearing according to the customers’ requirements, including printing the client’s logo or other letters on the rubber seals and making customized packaging.

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Bearing size: In the skateboard industry, the most popular and widely used bearing model is 608ZZ or 608 2RS(8*22*7mm), while some customers may use other sizes, like 6900ZZ/2RS(10*22*6mm), 627ZZ/2RS(7*22*7mm), 688ZZ/2RS(8*16*5mm).
Bearings can be hybrid ceramic bearing, for example:
chrome steel inner ring and outer ring+Si3N4 or ZrO2 ceramic ball+nylon cage;
chrome steel inner ring+Si3N4 or ZrO2 ceramic outer ring+Si3N4 or ZrO2 ceramic ball+nylon cage;
chrome steel inner ring+Si3N4 or ZrO2 ceramic outer ring+chrome steel balls+nylon cage;
Si3N4 or ZrO2 ceramic inner ring and outer ring+Si3N4 or ZrO2 ceramic ball+Si3N4 or ZrO2 ceramic cage.
So any combined material is ok.

bearing rings material: rings include inner ring and outer ring. materials can be chrome steel and ceramic(Si3N4 and ZrO2). While chrome steel rings can be Titanium coating, Golden coating and Blackened.

chrome steel ring

chrome steel rings

Si3N4 ceramic rings

Si3N4 ceramic rings

ZrO2 ceramic rings

ZrO2 ceramic rings

chrome steel Titanium coating rings

chrome steel Titanium coating rings

chrome steel Golden coating rings

chrome steel golden coating rings

chrome steel Blackened rings

chrome steel blackened rings

Balls material: chrome steel GCr15 and ceramic (Si3N4 or ZrO2)

chrome steel balls

chrome steel balls

Si3N4 ceramic balls

Si3N4 ceramic balls

ZrO2 ceramic balls

ZrO2 ceramic balls

Cage material: the most widely used cage is nylon cage, there are white and brown color.

white color nylon cage
brown color nylon cage

shields/seals: there are metal shields and rubber  seals, of course rubber seals are widely used.

The customers can choose different seals colors,like black, red, yellow,orange,blue etc.

In addition, we can print the specified words on the seals according to the customer’s request, like model(608 RS), logo, ABEC tolerance and other words. According to the different words on the seals, printing difficulty and seals color, there are certain minimum order quantity for rubber seals.

Packaging: we can make customized packaging with different bearing quantity according to the customer’s requirements.

plastic tube

plastic tube packing

plastic box

plastic box packing

paper box

paper box packing

metal box

metal box packing

Bearing tolerance: including ABEC-1, ABEC-3, ABEC-5, ABEC-7 and ABEC-9.

About ABEC knowledge you should know:
ABEC is developed by the Annular Bearing Engineering Council, a division of the American Bearing Manufacturers’ Association(ABMA).

The ABMA was formerly known as the Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers’ Association. Bearings rated under the ABEC systems are typically called “precision bearings”, with a rating or class from ABEC-1 to ABEC-9. ABEC-1 meets a looser tolerance and ABEC-9 meets high precision tight bearing tolerance. We can see real abec grads from official information, which just include ABEC-1, ABEC-3, ABEC-5, ABEC-7, ABEC-9.

So we have to regrettably say that ABEC-8, ABEC-10, ABEC-11, ABEC-13 or even higher grade which you often see in the market are wrong abec grades. These standards are not recognized in the bearing fields, because some companies print these wrong abec grades fro good sales and high profit. There are some explanations about abec on Wikipedia.