Bearing Application Basics

Our precision miniature ball bearings exact specifications for a variety of applications. They are designed to handle load and reduce friction so that those loads are moved easily through the application.
Regardless of the industry or applications you need a bearing for, KTAI is ready to serve you with optimum performance, reliability, value and provide cost-effective solutions.

What Applications Can Miniature Ball Bearings Be Used

KTAI Bearings can be used in many industry or applications: Skateboard, Bicycle, Motorcycle, ATM, Power Tools, Printers, RC model cars, YoYo, Robots, Home Appliances, Instruments, Motors etc.
Different applications need different ball bearings, for example, medical and dental equipments need stainless steel miniature ball bearings; tools need precision and durable bearings, as well as corrosion-resistant.

Bearing Application Choice

You can find some useful applications on the left application category. If you still have questions about the bearings and applications, please contact us for a clear answer. We’re eager to discuss with you and get them into your applications where they can do the most good.