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KTAI is a ball bearing supplier in China, helping customers to find the best ball bearing factory at a competitive price. We have engineers with 10 years’  experience dealing with the development and quality control of ball bearings. Our mission is to become your best partner in Chinese ball bearing production services.

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near 10 years’ experience at home and abroad, with the know-how to buy the most cost-effective bearings for you while understanding the key issues.
Premier Chinese ball bearings comparable with famous brands. Our team will select the best replacement, ensuring you smile every time you receive our goods. And we can get lower price because we know the production teams well and bring them more business.
No order quantity limit. Wholesale, retailer, end-user, any customer can buy from us directly.
we can supply free samples for you to test, and it’s free shipping.
Help you to find the right bearing factory and ensure control of the quality. We deliver excellent service and zero worries. You can save money for the third quality inspection company.
You can focus on the sales side of your bearings business while we help you contact different factories and handle everything until you get the products.
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Reliable Quality&Competitive Price Always Beyond Your Expectations. 100% Promise!

We can supply free sample to you for testing. Give us a chance,and you will have a perfect partner!
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