Bearing Test and Quality Control System:

  • regular bearing test and quality inspection for dimension, clearance, noise, vibration, hardness, roughness etc.
  • we choose only the best. All bearings are manufactured exclusively by factories with ISO9001:2008 certified quality system. But we don’t only care about iso9001, we also check the processing equipment, verify workers’ skill levels, inspect equipment, etc.
  • we have engineers to check the factories strictly in accordance with ABEC/ISO standards, and to ensure the quality of the entire manufacturing process. Now we have some reliable factories for various bearings with product ranges, (dis)advantage, quality level etc.

If we find a bearing fails, it will never ship to any customers, and we’ll find where the problem has occurred in manufacturing process to ensure it is resolved swiftly. This oversight ensures that you get the best performing bearing from us.

bearing testing machine2
bearign test1
bearing test4
bearing test3
bearing test2