Bearing Service

  • bearing service for engineering and design:
    we can design special bearings and creat cost-efficient solutions for your application, ensuring not only the exact model and size, but also the right materials and best lubricants to keep the bearing working for a long time.
bearing engineering and design
  • quality inspection & product verification:
    • material hardness
    • bearing dimension
    • surface finish
    • noise vibration
    • roundness&roughness
    • bearing clearance
bearing quality inspection
  • supply chain management:
    besides bearing, we can also help you to purchase other industrial components provide assembly support.
  • logistic services:
    we’ll confirm the optimal shipping solutions according to the gross weight, packing,  volume of your order.
    Large order by sea; small order by express.
  • one-stop service:
    we will try our best to provide excellent service from pre-sale, export, to after-sale for our customers.
  • customized packaging:
    standard exporting packaging and environment-protected packaging material are used for our bearings;
    we also provide customized single box, labels, cartons with logo, etc.

Each customer is concerned about the bearing quality, especially when buying from China. At KTAI, customer service is as important as the bearing quality, so we try our best to be your reliable partner in your bearing applications.

KTAI is the smartest solution for you.