EMQ bearings

EMQ bearings stand for electirc motor quality bearings which have extremely low noise levels.

Our electric motor quality bearings are designed to provide quiet and smooth running, including miniature metric bearings 600 series, miniature inch bearings R series, 6000/6200/6300 series, 6800/6900 series, which are manufactured to ABEC-3(P6), ZV2, or even high tolerances ZV3, ZV4.

All raceways are honed and grouned to ensure quiet operation and a longer life. The elements that result in bearing noise are surface finish, ball grade, ring roundness, cage quality and design.

  • bearing material: chrome steel GCr15(52100)
  • steel balls grade: G10
  • clearance: C3 radial play
  • bearing tolerance: ABCE-3(P6), ABEC-5(P5), ABEC-7(P4).
  • bearing cover: open, shields, seals.
  • noise level: ZV2, ZV3, ZV4.
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EMQ bearings are ofen used in many home appliances, such as air conditioner bearing, vacuum cleaner bearing, washing machine bearing, powe tools bearing.