fishing reel bearings

Fishing Reel Bearings are stainless steel 440C races and ceramic Si3N4 balls or stainless steel balls. They have good rust resistance performance and high speed rotation.

These bearings can make them idealy suited for quality reels including Alvey, Daiwa, Duro, Mitchell, Penn, Shimano and so on.

  • races material: stainless steel 440C
  • balls material: stainless steel and ceramic Si3N4
  • bearing tolerance: ABEC-5, ABEC-7
  • shields/seals: most customers need metal shields
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There are some reels brands and bearing models for your reference, you can choose full stainless steel material or stainless steel races and ceramic balls.

For more models, you can check the link: Miniature Metric Bearings and Miniature Inch Bearings.

Duro Bearings:

S688ZZ: 8*16*5mm

Shakespeare Bearings:

S688ZZ: 8*16*5mm

Mitchell Bearings:


Alvery Bearings:

S699ZZ: 9*20*6mm
SMR148ZZ: 8*14*4mm

Silstar Bearings:

S618/9ZZ: 9*17*5mm
S689ZZ: 9*17*5mm

Fin-Nor Bearings:

S6900ZZ: 10*22*6mm
S689ZZ: 9*17*5mm

Abu Garcia Bearings:

SMR117ZZ: 7*11*3mm, S688ZZ: 8*16*5mm
SR2ZZ: 1/8″*3/8″*5/32″, S623ZZ: 3*10*4mm
S689ZZ: 9*17*5mm, S683ZZ: 3*7*3mm
SMR93ZZ: 3*9*4mm, S6700ZZ: 10*15*4mm
SMR104ZZ: 4*10*4mm, 5*10*4mm

Daiwa Bearings:

S688ZZ: 8*16*5mm, S689ZZ: 9*17*5mm
SMR95ZZ: 5*9*3mm, S693ZZ: 3*8*4mm
SMR148ZZ: 8*14*4mm, S618/9ZZ: 9*17*4mm
S61800X1ZZ: 10*20*5mm, S618/7ZZ: 7*14*3.5mm,

Quantum Bearings:

SR2-6ZZ: 1/8″*3/8″*9/64″, S693ZZ: 3*8*4mm
SR166ZZ: 3/16″*3/8″*1/8″, S628/4X1ZZ: 5*10*4mm

Penn Bearings:

SR166ZZ: 3/16″*3/8″*1/8″, S694ZZ: 4*11*4mm
SR2ZZ: 1/8″*3/8″*5/32″, S688ZZ: 8*16*5mm
SR6ZZ: 3/8″*7/8″*9/32″, SR8ZZ: 1/2″*9/8″*5/16″
S627ZZ: 7*22*7mm

Shimano Bearings:

S687ZZ: 7*14*5mm, SMR137ZZ: 7*13*4mm, S699ZZ: 9*20*6mm, S683ZZ: 3*7*3mm, S697ZZ: 7*17*5mm, SMR126ZZ: 6*12*4mm,
S684ZZ: 4*9*4mm, S698ZZ: 8*19*6mm, SMR84ZZ: 4*8*3mm, S623ZZ: 3*10*4mm, S694ZZ: 4*11*4mm, S618/9ZZ: 9*17*4mm,
S628/4X1ZZ: 5*10*4mm, 5*9*3mm, 5*11*4mm, 8*12*3.5mm.